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Exam at Sribu

Interior Design for

Description of the Booth Design We Want
We need a booth design for our exhibition event. The exhibition we are participating in is a business or startup event.

Explanation of Our Business/Company is a website that connects clients who need design services with a community of designers from around the world. offers 20 types of design categories, ranging from logos, websites, mascots, posters, and more. The concept applied on is contest-based.

Target Market
Our target market consists of small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 20 employees, entrepreneurs, and business owners aged 24-58.

Style and Size of the Interior Design Sketch We Need
The booth size is 2 x 3 meters. Our staff of around 5 people should fit within the booth. Chairs and tables must be available for clients who want to speak with our sales team.

Preferred Colors
Red and white, or red and orange, or red and black, or red and gray.

Design References
Design references we like can be seen here: Portfolio

Types of files we need
Uploaded files: JPEG or PNG

Submit Your Design Work
Please upload your design work to Google Drive and provide the link in the form below. Ensure that the sharing settings are changed to “Anyone with the link” as a viewer.