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Exam at Sribu

Packaging Design for

Description of Our Business/Company
We are a restaurant named SribuFood, serving a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes. Our target market includes all demographics, both young and old.

Food & beverages
The theme we want for this packaging shows something that is unique to Indonesia. Please feel free to be creative, we don’t limit it but still show what is typical of Indonesia. We don’t have a logo, just the words SribuFood Restaurant
This packaging will be used for take away food. The packaging is in the form of a cardboard box (landscape) with dimensions

  • top: 25cm x 16cm
  • bottom: 23cm x 14cm
  • height: 5.5cm

The color we want can be red or yellow
Design references can be seen at this link

Types of files we need
Uploaded files: JPEG or PNG

Submit Your Design Work
Please upload your design work to Google Drive and provide the link in the form below. Ensure that the sharing settings are changed to “Anyone with the link” as a viewer.