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Exam at Sribu

Website Design

Here is an explanation of the website design we want

Sribu Logo + Tagline
You can find it on Google

Work with Talented Graphic Designers Online

Sub Heading
Get more quality design ideas and say good bye to time consuming offline meetings.

Difficult finding the best design through freelancers, studios/agencies, or in-house designers.

Limited choices of creative ideas, high cost, and time consuming.

Comparison Chart
Between freelancer, inhouse designer, agency, dan Sribu. You can see the difference in google, our benefits can be seen in here

Portfolio Headline
You will get designs like these while working with talented designers online.

Portfolio Content
You can view our portfolio on this page:

You can view our testimonials on this page:

Call to Action
Drop your email and we will send you a complete guide on how to work with talented designers online. (PS: We won’t spam you).

Explanation about our business/company is a website that connects clients in need of design services with a community of designers from around the world. offers 20 types of design categories ranging from logos, websites, mascots, posters, and more. The concept applied at is contest-based.

Target Market
Our target market consists of small and medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 20 employees. Entrepreneurs aged 24 – 58 years old.

Number of pages we want on our website
Just 1 because this is only a Landing Page.

Color scheme we desire
We prefer a combination of 2-3 colors of any kind, but we like dark red and white.

Design references
Design references we like can be seen here

Types of files we need
Uploaded files: JPEG or PNG

Submit Your Design Work
Please upload your design work to Google Drive and provide the link in the form below. Ensure that the sharing settings are changed to “Anyone with the link” as a viewer.