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“Two words for the Sribu platform, Outstanding! We've been with Sribu for 4 years now and it's been incredibly helpful as creators/freelancers. Through Sribu, we've been able to grow alongside SMEs and brands, assisting with their digital needs such as photos, videos, social media, and websites.”

@putihagencyBranding, Digital Marketing, SMM Specialist

Easy Steps to Become a Talent on Sribu

1. Register & Create Services

Register for free as a talent. Create services and promote them to anyone.

2. Provide the Best Results

Clients will chat and purchase your services. Provide the best results and service.

3. Receive Payment

After the job is completed, you can withdraw payments at any time from any bank account. The money will be transferred within 1 working day after you withdraw it.

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Benefits of Creating Services on Sribu

Extra Income

Expand your sources of income by leveraging additional earning opportunities.

Easy Promotion

Increase visibility and reach a broader potential client base.

30,000+ Network

Gain access to over 30,000 clients, offering various job opportunities.

Safe & Reliable

The safe and reliable working environment at Sribu guarantees the security of your transactions as a talent.

Support Team Assistance

Enjoy full support from Sribu’s support team, ready to assist and guide you at every step.

Receive Earnings Anytime

With Sribu’s flexible payment system, you can receive your earnings anytime, making financial management easy.

Freelancers' Thoughts on Sribu

@dodpop8Graphic Designer provides opportunities for freelancers to find jobs that match their respective talents. The system is safe and reliable, making communication between freelancers and clients comfortable during the work process. Thank you, and keep going,

@Hardianto81Graphic Designer

By using Sribu, we can make a living as long as we are consistent with what we are passionate about.

@earlythinkinVisual Branding Designer

Sribu has successfully become a platform that provides wider exposure for freelancers to find clients. Sribu also connects clients in need of business solutions with competitive freelancers.

@wiellyamWeb Developer

As a freelancer, with Sribu, I have the opportunity to find clients and gain direct trust from business owners.

@srahayu12Voice Over Talent & Script Writer

Year after year, Sribu has successfully helped freelancers upgrade their careers. Hopefully, Sribu can continue to grow and succeed.

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