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Our Partners

Evolusi 3D

Evolusi 3D was founded in 2018. Evolusi 3D is now one of the most complete business solutions in the field of 3D Technology, starting from 3D Scanners, 3D Printers, and 3D Software, to certification for 3D Technology that is recognized worldwide.  Read More


Established in 1996 we are Indoor and Outdoor advertising company that produce premium signages from various materials, basic or special.Through our network, we can handle the installation in the Java and Sumatra areas, including the advertising tax and permit. Read More


Barantum is a leading CRM and Call Center service provider in Indonesia. A software designed to maximize the productivity and work efficiency of the sales team to improve their performance. Besides that, this software can also optimize the work system carried out by the sales, management, and administration divisions to increase customer interaction and create a satisfying customer experience. Read More


vOffice is the first and only joint office service provider with centers spread throughout Jakarta that provides a wide range of products for operational and business support needs such as Virtual Office, Serviced Office, Call Answering, Meeting Room, Event Space, establishment and management company legality and tax consulting. Read More


Christyanto, Hutagaol & Partners (CHP Law Firm) is specialized in Commercial Litigation focusing on Account Receivable Claim, and also Corporate Action focusing on Commercial Transaction, as we understand that Cash for Company is like Fresh Blood for Humans. Our Critical Success Factor is You achieve Your Objective and then share Your Experience of Our Service. Read More


Halosis aims to empower passionate entrepreneurs and innovators to sell their products online. Halosis offers a range of services to business owners, including website (storefront) building, WhatsApp Commerce, and fully integrated order management with payment gateway and logistics solutions. Read More


Midtrans is tech-based finance that offers a payment gateway in Indonesia. Supports many online payment methods and transfers funds (disbursement) to make it easier for customers in business transactions and to focus on growing your business with the option of managing all payment processes. Read More


Xendit is Southeast Asian fintech company that provides payment infrastructure across Indonesia and the Philippines. Xendit processes payments runs marketplaces, disburses payroll and loans, detects fraud, and helps other businesses grow exponentially. We serve these companies by providing a suite of world-class APIs and a dashboard UI that simplifies processes. Read More

Kreatifitas Sinergisme Teknoindo (KST)

KST is an IT company specializing in outsourcing and software development services with a focus on continuous improvement and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, KST meets customer demands by delivering high-quality products and services. Read More

Kail Mas Printing

Kail Mas Printing is a high-quality offset and digital printing service using advanced printing technology in West Jakarta. The products that can be printed include paper, stickers, brochures, bags, packaging, banners, etc. Kail Mas Printing serves printing services from all areas in Jabodetabek and Indonesia. Read More

Pruf Ritz

PRUF RITZ, known as Indonesia’s Trusted Global Connector, specializes in translation, copywriting, interpreting, subtitling, and more, covering over 30 languages. Founded in March 2017, the company is focused on using language and communication to effectively share ideas. It aims to boost Indonesian literacy, fostering an advanced, cultured society that thrives through local and global collaboration. Read More

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